Cover-Up (2019)

Multimedia artwork

Whilst at FIT, New York, I was tasked with creating a piece in any format, which was to relate to the theme ‘Cover-Up’.

I decided to create a multicomponent 3d piece with three parts: a video to be watched first (a recorded phone call where I overly credit New York as the best place ever); a box with a viewing slot to be looked through; and an audio track to be played whilst looking into the box.

In the video to be watched first, I’m talking to my friend in a way similar to how I’d talked to my family whilst out there - almost so as to reassure him/them. Every so often in the video, the phrase being spoken on the phone call, is visualised, with two of its letters pencilled in.

The box has six slots at its rear, to hold six corresponding pieces of tracing paper. The pieces of tracing paper have the visualised phrases from the video on them, and are layered at the back of the box - which is to be placed in front of a light source.

The audio piece to be listened to whilst looking into the box, is Signals by Brian Eno, with a few extra layers added to it.

The viewer is taken on a journey, from watching a fairly humourous video, to listening to an intense, introspective audio piece, to looking into the box and realising that the layers of tracing paper spell out ‘ready to leave’.

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