Joe Beard (2019)

Cover art + Gig poster

Joe beard is a pianist/producer/vocalist from London, whose music is a blend of Jazz, Neo-Soul and Hip-Hop. Joe was in need of visuals for his debut EP ‘Comfort Zone’, debut single ‘Overdose’, and his first live gig. Comfort Zone was to be Joe’s arrival on the music scene and he wanted a introductory-style visual. Overdose, a song about absence and longing, required a melancholy cover, and his first gig poster needed to be eye-catching like any gig poster, but also to communicate his Jazz roots.

I used my own photography throughout and worked both with my hands, and digitally on Adobe Photoshop. Final outcomes now on Spotify.

See below: initial proposal for Overdose, final outcomes for Overdose and Comfort Zone, and gig poster. ︎