Knowledge Exchange

Visual identity + Animation

Knowledge Exchange is how the University of the Arts London (UAL) works with external partners with the aim of creating positive change.

Whilst working in UAL’s central Brand and Creative Services team, we were briefed with creating a design system for UAL Knowledge Exchange. 

I proposed ‘Connectors’, a system visually focusing on Knowledge Exchange’s position as a professional connection between the university and external parties. A 5-pronged connector shape is seen throughout, to represent their five key areas of work, and is fully flexible to fit any asset.

I presented this directly to UAL’s Knowledge Exchange Team, and was delighted that it was chosen as the most aligned with their values -and will now be the foundation of their new visual identity.

[This work has since been handed over to the rest of the team for refinement ahead of rollout.]

See the full proposal here ︎

See below: research, proposal mockups and animation.