Loclz (2022)

Logo design + Banner + Animation

Loclz is a project I worked on this year whilst at Ram Infosystems. I was tasked with branding Loclz - a new online marketplace, made to help small local businesses sell online, and connect them with new/existing customers. The platform was to be location-based, allowing customers to find products near them.

I tried to summarise Loclz’s core service in a logo, social media banners, and also a short animation. I used Adobe Illustrator for the logo and banners, and Adobe After Effects for the animation. The banners/animation were made with some stock graphics from Envato Elements (in the interest of time) which I then edited and animated. I also took on the role of sound designer for the animation.

See below: Logo ideation, logo development, final logo, banner graphic and animations. ︎